About Us

We’re WeDream Production, and we’re here to make your dreams come true. We are a well-known video production company. This service is provided by professionals with extensive industry experience and expertise. We are a Rajasthan, India-based music video production company. We are a swarm of busy bees who enjoy working and who work on anything with no reservations! We work with a variety of the most basic music video directors. Music has no expiration date. That is the reason why our clients keep coming back to us. We agree that brilliant ideas are best communicated by visual experiences.Concepts, scripting, shooting, transportation, venue, permits, wardrobe, production, casting, post-production, and everything else that happens before and after the shoot are all handled by us. As a result, each thought we generate represents our desire to create something exceptional. We’ll always keep an eye out on what works best for you!

Our Team

Ajay K. Meena

Founder & CEO

Director | Head of Editing Team
Focus, Passionate, Courageous, Likable, and a positive mental state person. He leads team WeDream with hopefulness and strategic thinking and ready to take hard decisions for better results. His presence of mind and quick decision-making is truly appreciated by all team members. His visionary mind & motivational words attract everyone’s attention. Believes in “You can do what you can think and you can think which you haven’t thought yet.”

Pooja Riya

Chief Operating Officer

The rising actor, happy soul, Their priceless efforts, and untold sacrifices are very impressive. Continues with WeDream since 2019. She consults with all team members to make the right decisions and maintain team hierarchical and interpersonal relationships. She always stands with his team in any problem of WeDream production and helps to find a solution too.  Believes in – your best definition is your effort and hard work, and with hard work, you can get anything.

Vikash Khowal


Skilled Actor, Bunch of ideas, hard worker and stalwart, Man with strategies, a tricky mind that always finds solutions and gives the best way to do something for Wedream production. The very joyful and funniest person in the entire team, his jokes always bring down our stress level, The man with the happy personality
Believes in – “Alone we can do so little, together as a team we can do so much.”

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